Bottle Bar and Shop - Exhibition Space

Bottle Bar and Shop took part in last year's third Catford Arts Trail. We were proud and very excited about exhibiting work by the very talented Steve Newton.

It seemed natural and also a real privilege to have his beautiful paintings and sketches on our walls. 

The Catford Arts Trail does a fantastic job of showcasing the wealth of local talent and also demonstrates how much Art brings people together.

Feeling inspired by the Arts Trail, we have decided to use our space to support and exhibit local artists at Bottle Bar and Shop on a ongoing basis.

We are very excited to be exhibiting fellow Catfordian, Luke Agbaimoni's stunning photography from the 12th December until the end of January.

Luke will be showing some of his much loved Catford photography, along with some of his more recent 'Tube Mapper Project' material.

Exhibition 1 - Luke Agbaimoni

About Luke

Luke Agbaimoni is a photographer and designer based in Catford, London. 

He has an arts background with a degree in graphic design. However his photography was self-taught after he graduated. 

He has a special love for dusk and night photography, enjoying the technical challenge of capturing low light images.

As his life changed, and less time was available to capture the early mornings and late nights, he focused more on his daily commute. 

This new direction gave birth to the tube mapper London project and new  opportunities and techniques.

The Tube Mapper Project

The Underground is the backbone of the city of London, a part of our identity. It’s a network of shared experiences and visual memories. 

The tube mapper project captures moments of subconscious recognition and overlooked interests, showcasing images that can be seen at every London tube station.  

Exhibition 2 - Kate Hosking

About Kate

Kate has been painting for 12 years and continues to learn. She has recently attended courses at City Lit, the St Ives School of Painting  and the London Art Academy, among others. 

While studying acrylic and oil painting, she discovered inks as an alternate medium which allowed a significant degree of freedom in working styles. 

She continues to experiment with different media, substrates and finishes. 

Kate's work

Kate is particularly interested in the interplay of light and  contrasting edges, from blurred to sharp, in her work. Each piece aims  to emulate both the beauty and feeling that both micro and macro views  of the world give rise to – from a cell nucleus to a supernova.  

She enjoys the challenge inks present in mastering the unpredictable and sees inks as an ideal medium to express mood and atmosphere.