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Handmade bottled cocktails and infusions specialist

We recycle!


Recycling is very important to us and definitely something we want to get even better at. It makes business sense and can also benefit you!

Just finished one of our delicious bottled cocktails? 

Bring your empty bottles back to our shop and we'll give you £1 off the next bottle you buy. Not only are you helping the environment but you're also saving money on lovely bottles in the process. 

Here a few of the actions we are taking to reduce our environmental impact:

♻️  Bring in your empty bottles and get £1 off the next bottle your purchase. We will recycle/use them again!

♻️ We have been using Who Gives A Crap toilet paper for over a year now - it’s made of 100% recycled paper and we love it!

♻️ We have taken a bold step in saying no to producing business cards, a small action towards reducing our carbon footprint. 

♻️ The tasting cups we use at fairs or markets are always from Vegware who specialise in plant based and totally compostable packaging.

♻️ We use LED lights to save energy and reduce our environmental impact - they have a 7 year shelf life!!