Bottle Bar and Shop for Trade

Whether you're a small farm shop, a high-end hotel, a bar or an events company, we can create the perfect cocktail menu, or tailored cocktails to suit your needs! 

We have won many awards and our Bloody Mary recently won the Highly Commended Award at the Great British Food Awards 2022.

Our team handcrafts cocktails in small batches using high quality ingredients such as Rock Rose Gin, Holy Grass Vodka and In The Loop vermouth to give our customers the best drinks experience. We also infuse our spirits with natural ingredients to create a true mixology experience when tasting our cocktails. 

The Bottle Bar and Shop team bottles and producing cocktails for over 50 UK  businesses such as Melrose and Morgan, the Giddy Grocer, Culver and Nelson,  Chelsea based Ollie's House and hotels such as the Resident Hotels and the Standard.

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We're working in partnership with Premium Grocery Distributor Holleys Fine Foods (clickable image below)